MK5 Stick


The new state-of-the-art MK5 composite stick features a DURATECH carbon composite shaft with concave side walls for ideal handling, and a mid-kick point for enhanced ball control, and a foam core blade with added ABS insert on the bottom for enhanced durability on all surfaces.

Senior model available in 2 blade patterns (S19 – Mid/ Open Curve / N61 – Mid to Heel Curve) Both are 85 Flex / 60″. Junior model available in 1 blade pattern (S19 – Mid/Open Curve) 50 Flex / 54″.

MK3 Stick

Hit the streets with confidence this season with the new Mylec MK3 stick in your hands. Made with a lightweight, multi-laminated shaft featuring an ABS blade material that adds pop to shots and strength to the blade provides enhanced durability on all surfaces.

MK2 Stick

The MK2 hockey stick and blades features the original, patented Ultra Curve Air-Flo® design, specifically engineered to reduce wind resistance, allowing air to “flo” through the holes freely, so you can shoot harder and faster.

MK1 Stick

The new MK1 stick features Mylec’s ABS technology for maximized durability and pop. The MK1 stick is specifically designed for rugged street surfaces to ensure your blade remains intact when ripping slappers.

MKJF Stick

The Classic Jet-Flo® just got a makeover – shoot harder and faster with Mylec’s patented design. The Jet-Flo® holes allow air to “flo” through the lightweight fiberglass reinforced blade, reducing wind resistance and drag. The Jet-Flo® features the traditional two-piece stick design with a secure fit provided by the two screws.

MK5 Goalie Stick

The MK5 Goalie Stick features a foam core paddle with fiberglass laminated over both sides, covering the entire stick. The fiberglass laminate is on the front and back of the stick offering excellent durability and strength against shots.Mylec has also used an ABS heel insert to prevent against splits and cracks while providing increased durability on all surfaces. 26″ paddle height.

MK3 Goalie Stick

The MK3 Goalie Stick features mid blade curve with rounded heel and a square shape blade end. Laminated aspen handle and lightweight foam core construction provides for excellent feel and balance. 26″ paddle height.


The MK2 Air-Flo® Goalie Stick features a durable injection molded plastic blade with the original patented Air-Flo® design and a new look wood wrapped shaft.


The MK1 Pro Curve Jr. Goalie Stick features a pre-curved blade that gives the stick a pro look. A durable fiberglass reinforced blade, along with a new look wood wrapped shaft.